Creatures added for download
May 12, 2006

Uploaded a bunch of new creatures to the Creatures page, and updated some older ones with newer files. I also updated the layout of the page to be easier to navigate (and update). The creatures that were added are from Dragons Breech Alpha 3, that was never released.

4 new tilesets uploaded
April 11, 2006

4 new tilesets have been uploaded to the Buildings section. These include the Crypt (interior), the desert city of Sindor (exterior/interior), the city buildings of Dragon's Breech, and the interior building set.

For larger images and samples of what they look like, try the links below

  • Crypt
  • Sindor
  • Dragons Breech city
  • Interior sample

  • Lots of new flora uploaded
    April 10, 2006

    Uploaded a bunch of plants, flowers and trees to the Flora section. Enjoy!

    Site gets a facelift!
    March 29, 2006

    With Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion comes a new look for Lady E's mod page. The Morrowind files are stil available here, and any further addtions will be posted here as well.